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Is it safe to orgenise your event and travel to Bethlehem / Holy Land?
Answer is: Yes, it is safe. Record numbers of pilgrims – and various other kinds of visitors – are traveling to palestine. Is that not a reliable testimony for traveling to these lands of the Bible?

If the security situation changes for the worse, what should I do?
Answer is: Our staff keeps a careful eye on events unfolding in the Middle East and will take appropriate steps, should the need arise, to make changes to the itinerary of the event or even to cancel the event if that is deemed necessary and for your safty.

What should I bring?
Answer is:Bring clothing that will protect you from the intense sun, items such as a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. Also bring comfortable walking shoes. Since many of the sites require modest dress, no sleeveless tops or shorts above the knees are allowed. In the winter months bring lots of warm clothing. You should know that many hotels in the Middle East do not provide face cloths in the bathroom.
Do not forget to have cloths suitable for the religious places and incase your itenrary will be in a village or conservative places.
Also have elegant suite for night parties.

How much money should I bring?
Answer is:Generally the noonday meals are not included, nor are drinks such as soda, wine or beer. Bring about $20.00 a day to cover these expenses. You should also bring about $30-$40 in $1 bills to cover such expenses as bottled water and souvenirs from street vendors.

Should I bring a security wallet?
Answer is:Yes, that would be a good idea. A security wallet which fits underneath of your clothing will give you that added security, and peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are safe.

Is there much walking?
Answer is:On some days there will be a fair amount of walking, e.g., about two miles, but most days there is a limited amount of walking involved. Because of the street structure in the Old City of Jerusalem, and other sites, it is not recommended for those needing a wheelchair.

Is the food safe to eat and the water safe to drink?
Answer is:While in the Holy Land you will find the food and water quite safe. While visiting other countries in the Middle East, caution is advised. It would be wise to drink bottled water rather than tap water.

Should I notify my bank or credit card company that I will be traveling abroad?
Answer is:Yes, that would be a good idea. If you are making a travel to Palestine be sure to mention that you will be traveling to both Israel and the West Bank.

Visas & Passports
Answer is:All visitors to Palestine must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date they enter the country. Citizens of many countries, including EU countries, Australia, Singapore, USA, Canada and many others are issued tourist visas free of charge upon arrival. Please ask your Travel Agent if you are unsure about your visa arrangements.
When you enter Israel, immigration will stamp your passport, or if you prefer, a separate loose sheet of paper, which you must keep safely until you leave the country. You will need to show the stamp at hotel check-ins in order to qualify for tax-free stays. If you do not want your passport stamped, you must make this clear to the immigration officer before handing over your passport.

Do I need vaccinations before I travel to Palestine?
Answer is:No.
What languages are spoken in Palestine?
Answer is:Main Language is Arabic  and if you go to Israeli sike the main language there is Hebrew, English is widely spoken and understood, you will notice that virtually all official signs are in Arabic, Hebrew and English.

When is the best time to visit Paletine?
Answer is:Generally speaking spring and autumn are great times to visit, as the weather is warm and moderate, perfect for touring and relaxing.

What is the weather like in Bethlehem?
Answer is:Although the Holy Land is a small country, only about the size of New Jersey, it has a wide variety of climate zones. Therefore, it has a wide variety of weather and four seasons in most geographic areas.
July and August can be very hot and humid for touring, and outside of the South of the country, December to March can be a bit cool for sunbathing.

Wi-Fi and Electricity
Answer is:CPC facilties have free Wi-Fi, The electricity current in Palestine is 220 volts AC, single phase, 50 Hertz. Most Paletinian sockets are of the three-pronged variety but many also accept European two-pronged plugs.

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