CPC Special Events Services

Added Value Services

The Convention Palace Company going mission of adding value to our venue helps all of our customers and partners to their goal, modern and up-to-date facilities has many features and services that you will get with no need for any extra charge, many of our customers enjoy and it cut cost for your event.

Please find many of our added value services:

Venues General Features Available at no charge
Sound Proofed Venues Except outdoor Areas Yes
Ceiling Height Adequate for Projectors Yes
House phones in meeting rooms. Yes
Non-Smoking Venues Yes
Information desk available all time Yes
Maintenance Staff Available Yes
Engineers and IT Staff Yes
Incase Rooms has windows it can be covered with our shades, blinds or curtains. Yes
Venues have both wired and wireless connections Yes
All venues have high-speed internet access (fiber connectivity) Yes
House phones in meeting rooms.Yes

Safety & SecurityAvailable at no charge
In-Property Safe ParkingYes
Security services 24/7 provided at and around our PropertyYes
Entrance with Security Check PointYes
Emergency LightingYes
General Insurance CoverageYes
Our Property is supplied with alarm system, CCTV surveillance and a fire alarm.Yes

Additions & CustomizationAvailable at no charge
Moving Outdoor Stage & AuditoriumYes
Moving Indoor Stage (module 120x240cm) 3 hights 15/45/75Yes

Let us know if you have any further information or requirments please let us kow as we may have more added value than listed on our website.